In 2019 the SPCA streamlined its activities in Central Otago which included shutting down its local facility that operated in conjunction with the Central Otago Feline Lodge. While in operation the facility rescued and successfully rehomed in excess of 150 animals (mainly dogs and cats) a year. Unfortunately, the SPCA’s restructure has reduced its service to the region, resulting in many animals and rescuers not receiving the care and attention required.

ARC will provide the level of service that animals and the community should expect and deserve.

Animals: This includes (within our means):

  • Provide animals with shelter, care, veterinary treatment and rehabilitation before adoption.

  • Provide safe and secure housing.

  • Rehabilitate and rehome unwanted, neglected and/or discarded animals.

  • Match animals to appropriate applicants.

  • Provide quick access to animal advice and assistance.

Main Office:

Telephone: 03 449 2320


Shirlene Steel:

Telephone: 027 436 1028