Dogs for Adoption

 Adoption fee applies 

All animals are:

Oscar, Layla, Eden & Lucy

13 wk old puppies; 1 male and 3 females

Mastiff Cross

These cute kids are ready and waiting to move onto their new forever families, and get the one-on-one attention they are all craving.

They are all very bright, quick learners with individual little personalities which are just starting to shine through.

If you would like to learn more about them then by all means give me a call to chat about them.

Shirlene 0274361028


10 mth old female

Staffi Mastiff Cross

Obi is a very sweet girl who just loves to be number one.

She is good with kids and is house trained and has very good command, but does need a firm owner who can continue her training as she can be a little pigheaded at times.

She would ideally suit being the only dog as she struggles a bit with sharing.

She does get along very well with other dogs on a common playing field but would struggle with sharing the love in a home environment.

She has the typical Staffi nature and loves her creature comforts.

Give me a call if you would like to meet the lovely Obi.


10 mth old male

Lab Collie Cross

When Tui arrived 2 weeks ago he was an absolute nut case with very little training and uncontrollable energy.

WOW, what a difference now!

He is super bright and has picked up everything he needs to know to be ready for adoption so incredibly fast.

He thrives on routine and although he is very high energy he has learnt patience and when and when not over enthusiastic behaviour is acceptable.

His main aim is to please and be praised which is something I don’t believe he has had up until now.

He loves other dog company so could do well with a companion dog, but that isn’t a necessity.

Tui is a great guy and deserves a family to call his own. Now that he's on the right track he will go from strength to strength

Top marks for Tui, so give me a call if he sounds like your next bestie.


1 yr old male

Staffi Cross

 Ruckus is one of those dogs that thinks he’s 6 foot tall and bulletproof, but the reality is he’s a pussy.

He’s a real character and comedian and makes it very difficult not to love him to bits.

Amongst all the ruckus there is the soft, cuddly, sooky dog who never misses an opportunity to snug up.

He’s very bright and responsive and will bend over backwards for a treat so training is very easy.

He is house trained and very polite with his food and is fine with children, but because of his excitement outbursts older kids would be better suited.

He’s good on lead with a harness and has good recall off lead as long as he’s not head down arse up using his new found hunting technology, but if you don’t mind waiting a few minutes he’s back directly.

All in all he’s a pretty cool wee dude, so if your life is boring and you need something to spice it up then give me a call, 'cause Ruckus knows how to keep things entertaining.


15 mth old female

Staffi Cross

Lola is the sweetest natured dog.

She gets along with every single dog she meets and will play all day long.

She is ok with cats and generally gives them a wide berth.

She has a nervous stranger danger side to her and is less confident when she doesn’t have another dog with her, so a companion dog is a must for her.

She is full of fun and very eager to please.

Give me a call if Lola could be your second pooch.


2 yr old female

Kelpie Cross

Miss Mollybear has a lovely nature but needs to find stability in her life.

She has been through many changes and will benefit from eventually forming a solid bond with her future people.

She is great with other dogs but not keen on kitties, and best away from livestock. 

She is very polite with her food and I believe she would be very happy in a family home where she could be the centre of attention and feel secure.

Please give me a call if you would like to like to meet Miss Mollybear.


8 mth old male

German Spitz

Mojo is a delightful little guy who is absolutely full of beans.

He gets on well with other dogs, and doesn’t seem interested in cats.

He is house and crate trained.

He absolutely loves getting out and about and carries himself like a little prince.

Mojo has a very affectionate nature and likes to be involved in everything, but does suffer from separation anxiety, which is being worked on at present.

He is very bright and learns new rules very quickly, so is adapting very well to not being the centre of attention and the world revolving around his demands.

Mojo will evolve into a little treasure in the right hands, so give me a call for further information.


10mth old male

Tricolour Collie

Pete is a lovely mannered boy who chose not to be a working dog as a career choice, and would much rather hang out with his human, and get belly rubs and pats.

He's a very quick learner and has excellent command on and off lead.

He's great with other dogs, and generally good with all other critters, if told "leave it" he will.

He is a high energy dog so will need plenty of exercise, but ideally a lifestyle block would be perfect for him.

Give me a call if you would like to meet Pete.


5 yr old male, Border Collie

*Rehoming due to current owner leaving the country in November 2023*

Zak is a 5yr old Border Collie, he loves runs and walks and chasing rabbits. He is good on or off a lead. He can be a bit protective with dogs that bound up to him but he's a softy at heart, and a bit of a dork. He's lived with other dogs but hasn't been socialised with many dogs other than that. Unsure if he'd be good with cats. He has lived with young children and really likes older kids playing with him. He loves balls being thrown or a stick in the water. He loves cuddles.

If you're interested in Zak give Shirlene a call on 0274361028 to arrange a visit.


10 wk old male

American Bulldog Staffi Cross Spaniel

Meet baby Zeus.

He’s got so much cute factor going on it’s just ridiculous! 

Zeus is currently in foster care being cuddled constantly and learning all about house etiquette. 

He’s a bright happy little pup that I’m pretty sure won’t stick around for long.

Give me a call to arrange a meeting with Zeus. ❤️

Moon & Cosmo

4 mth old males

Lab Staffi Cross

These 2 wee dudes are ready and waiting to go to their forever homes and learn everything they need to know.

They are very well socialised little guys and absolutely love human attention.

They are lead trained and know basic commands and are ready and waiting to learn much more.

They love to fetch a tennis ball and bring it back.

If a cute, adorable, talented little dude is what you're looking for then look no further.

Give me a call to arrange a viewing.


2 yr old male

American Staffi Cross

Apache is an absolute gentle giant.

He is very muscular and strong, but behaves like a gentleman.

He’s super affectionate and behaves superbly. He’s great around other dogs and great with children. 

Due to our stunt cat Rocky going on leave I am not yet sure if he is ok with kitties, so yet to be determined. 

He would love to be the family dog and get involved with all that goes on.

He travels well and is house trained. 

Give me a call if Apache could complete your home.


10 mth old male


Charlie is on the hunt for a new forever home

He's a lively loveable wee guy who is super bright so could easily be trained in agility. 

He's great with dogs, cats and livestock.

Has good command and is ready and waiting to learn the next trick.

He is high energy so needs a good stimulating environment. 

Give me a call if Charlie looks like he would fit into your lifestyle. 


5 mth old male

Lab Staffi Cross

Here's the best boy Cosmo currently in a foster home learning how to be the very best puppy in the comforts of a home.

He really is an absolute darling and so easy going you really couldn’t wish for a better puppy.

Now's the time to make this wee beauty part of your family.

Give me a call and lets make it happen.


4 yr old female

Staffi Whippet Cross

Roxy is a very affectionate girl who has impeccable manners and great command. She needs a family who can give her lots of exciting adventures and routine.

She gets on great with other dogs but not so great with kitties. She loves nothing more than to dive into bushes looking for bunnies and having a good old roll in anything that looks like it will stick. We call it Roxy Perfume.

She is house trained and very polite.

Give me a call if you could rock a Roxy.


Approx 5 mth old male

Terrior Cross

Meet Hugo!

He's a bit of a dude. Has a really cool nature and is full of fun and frivolity.

He has learnt his basic commands very quickly and is very eager to be top of the class.

He will be a very loyal wee man to his forever family. 

Give me a call if this wee teddy bear Hugo has a place in your home.


2 yr old male


Introducing Clem the facility clown.

This boy is such a hard case and has all the personality you could wish for in a dog.

He's an absolute snuggle bunny and constantly wants cuddles.

He has impeccable manners and fantastic command, and will basically bend over backwards to get to the top of the class.

Clem came to us with no history so we are still a bit unsure as to what he would be like around livestock but I suspect he has all the gear and no idea.

He will make an amazing companion for either a family or single person as long as he gets the cuddles and pats he could happily soak up all day long.

Give me a call if Clem could be your clementine.


5 mth old female


Ruby is a very smart, wee girl and is super easy to train.

She has loads of character and is very inquisitive. 

She picks things up very quickly and has a very affectionate side to her as well.

And come on, who couldn’t love that sweet little face!

Give me a call if you would like to fall in love with this wee cutie pie.


5 mth old male


Mickey is a lovely wee chap who is super bright and affectionate.

He's an extremely well breed dog who will only be adopted to someone with a small farm or lifestyle block. This wee guy is not cut out to be in a town section.

He's very quick to learn and is in his prime right now to be a pet/working dog. He has a very soft nature so needs a good balance of both.

Please contact me if you think HEY MICKEY has what it takes.


15 mth old male

Terrior Cross

Paul is a little bit special needs as he is extremely timid so needs a special someone in his life that lives quietly and can be with him on a constant basis.

He is super cuddly once he feels comfortable and has gained confidence.

He prefers females but is fine with males once he feels he can trust them.

He's a dear wee soul who has obviously had a rough time, so gaining trust is a biggy for him. He is in no way aggressive, just frightened.

He is house trained and is starting to play with toys and is fine with other dogs.

At this stage we are not sure what he's like with cats, but he is all good with the resident cockatiel in his foster home.

Paul will make someone a fabulous little companion, but that someone has to be the right someone.

Paul would not cope in a family with children, it would be to busy for him and frightening.

Please give me a call if you think you are the right someone for Paul to live the rest of his life free of fear.


7 mth old male

Purebred Golden Lab

Marley is a big bouncy boy itching for excitement. 

He’s very typical of the breed at this age but does have all the basic skills so really just needs fine tuned.

He’s great with other dogs and has grown up with small children, but we are unsure of his suitability with cats.

He is housetrained and doesn’t jump fences.

All in all he’s a lovely big lug who just needs taken that step further, and he will be an absolute delight.

Marley is currently still in his home but does need to move on very soon. 

Please give me a call to arrange a meeting. 


6 mth old female


Jade is a very casual young lady who has made the decision in life that she doesn’t wish to be a working dog, and would much rather be a family girl. She has a lovely nature and is very affectionate.

She's great with other dogs and just cruises along minding her own business.

She would be great on a lifestyle block and would love to have another dog as company.

Give me a call if Jade looks like she could fit into your lifestyle.


7 mth old female

Staffi Cross

Meet Squiggles. She's a little pocket rocket and just delightful. 

She is still learning about the big wide world and taking it in her stride. Everything is new to her as she hasn’t had a great start to life, and now is her time to shine.

She has been out and about in town and in the country, and is flourishing with all her new experiences.

Squiggles has the sweetest nature and bonds very quickly, and seeks guidance. She can only get better and better and become a very loyal, loving family dog. 

She is a midget but has a brave soul. She has learnt that cats have sharp bits, so has respect for them and is very playful with other dogs. Squiggles would be best suited to a family with older children who can provide her with the further socialisation and structure she requires.

Give me a call if a squiggly Squiggles would fit your family.


12 wk old male

Golden Retriever

Lenex is a bright healthy, happy little dude who has so much cute factor going on its ridiculous.

He learnt to walk on the harness today and took it in his stride.

He’s at the perfect age to join a family and put huge smiles on everyones faces.

Give me a call if you would like to meet this gorgeous little boy. I don’t think he will be with me for long!!!


6 mth old male

Parsons Terrior

Willie is an absolute delight. 

He's sure to put a smile on your face with his happy go lucky attitude to life.

He is high energy, so needs an active family but has good manners and is very quick to learn.

He loves hanging out with other dogs but needs some work around cats.

Give me a call if you would like a Willie Wonker in your life.


4 mth old male

Border Terrier Cross

Unfortunately Zeca’s family are looking to re-home due to a change in circumstances.

Zeca is good with children, toilet trained and crate trained.

He knows basic commands and is an all round happy little guy who needs a home that can give him more time.

His dad is purebred and his mum is a Border Terrior Jack Russell Cross

Zeca is still with his now family so please call to discuss viewing times.

Sasha & Livvy

10 wk old females

Rotti Cross

Sasha and Livvy are currently in foster homes learning all the things they need to learn like toilet training, socialisation, lead and collar training etc etc.

They are gorgeous little girls who would love to be in their forever home as they bond very quickly and are very bright and willing to learn new skills.

Give me a call if one of these girls looks like a good fit for your family.


10 mth old male

Collie Huntaway Cross

Ghost needs a special person who has the time to spend with this boy. 

Sadly Ghost is deaf and is unable to work stock so needs extra mental stimulation to compensate.

He would be a fantastic running partner or agility dog.

He gets on very well with other dogs but is very difficult to get his attention when he has other dog distractions.

Unfortunately he does take a dim view of kitties and wouldn’t be trustworthy around livestock.

He's a beautiful boy and very affectionate once he's bonded and does know some sign language, and will definitely make someone very happy.

He is fully house trained and great on lead.

Give me a call if you feel you have what it takes to give Ghost his best life in his silent world.


1 yr old female

Staffi Cross

Tui is the most delightful dog.

She has the best nature and chats away to you constantly in dog lingo.

She’s super obedient and great on and off lead.

She’s fantastic with other dogs and is fine with kitties.

She loves to play but just really likes to hangout with you.

Whoever adopts Tui is adopting an absolute gem.

Give me a call if you want a gem.


1 yr old male

Foxy Whippet Cross

Jed is a sweet wee man.

He’s super snuggly and playful and has very good manners.

He loves the company of other dogs but is much more responsive and easy to train when singled out with no distractions.

He’s quite thin skinned so would be nice for him to find his forever home before the temperatures drop to much as I suspect he would take up prime position in front of a nice cosy fire.

Jed hasn’t yet figured out what the deal is with cats. He’s ten foot tall and bullet proof when theres a barrier but a little bit gun shy when the claws come out so I believe he would be trainable to share a home with a kitty.

All in all he's a great little chap who will make a family very happy.

Give me a call if you would like to meet little Jed.


5 mth old female

Spaniel Cross

Snow like her siblings is very well socialised and comes house trained and ready to be your best friend.

They are great with children of all ages and other dogs cats etc.

Please call with any queries or if you'd like to meet Snow


1 yr old female

Staffi Cross

Izzy is a delightful little lady with loads of personality and exceptional manners.

She's super playful and loves interaction with other dogs and long walks on and off lead.

Her recall is great off lead, and she is very nice to walk on lead.

She is house trained and also has been brought up with children.

She hasn’t had a lot to do with cats but is definitely trainable.

Izzy is a small dog with a big heart and would most certainly make a wonderful family companion.

Please call if you would like to meet our little lady Izzy.


14 wk old male

German Shorthaired Pointer

Conner is the most affectionate boy out of all the litter.

He's ready to have his very own family.

Maverick, Morty & Mathew

8 week old males

Collie Cross

Check these gorgeous little sumo wrestlers out.

Mum has done them proud.

They are ready to begin there new life with a family and I don’t think that will take long cause they are just too damn cute.

Call to register your interest.


14 wk old male

German Shorthaired Pointer

This litter of GSP pups are just lovely.

All have fantastic natures and ready to go on to there forever homes.


4 yr old female

Mixed Breed

It’s so pleasing to be able to put Skye up for adoption and finally find her a family she can trust to care and love her.

She has had a rough road but has such a gentle soul and is so forgiving.

She is happy with other dogs but equally happy in her own space.

She has fantastic command on and off lead and appears to be fine around kitties.

She is loving the 3 pups that are in the facility as well and keeps a close eye on them.     

She just has an incredible nature.

Skye truly deserves the very best of homes that can guarantee her stability, routine and loads of love.

Please call if you think Skye could brighten up your life.


4 yr old female

Labrador Collie Cross

Molly is looking for a new forever home due to a change in circumstances. 

Molly is accustomed to being an inside girl and loves the creature comforts.

She has a beautiful placid nature and is great with children, livestock and other dogs, but would prefer not to share her home with the kitty variety.

She has very good command on and off lead and will make a brilliant family companion. 

Please call if Molly would be perfect for your environment. 

Charlie, Snipper & Andy

10 wk old males

Border Collies

These wee guys are the perfect age to join a family and do what they do best! Be puppies!!!

They are extremely bright as goes with the breed so will adapt quickly and need lots of exciting learning experiences.

They are not couch potatoes.

Come on out and meet the collie team.


7 mth old female

Staffi Cross

Jade is a real sweetheart who, in her perfect world, would love to be the centre of attention. She has good command and is learning new experiences each day.

She would be better around older children as she is very energetic and could be a bit too much around littlies.

She has a very gentle nature once settled and with structure and routine will mature into a lovely dog.

Jade is not a fan of cats but does enjoy other dog company, so it could be beneficial for her to be homed with an older dog she can learn from and gain confidence.

Give me a call if Jade looks like she might be the right fit for you.


6 yr old female

Staffi Cross

Maisey is an unusual little lady who needs a very special home. She is an absolute powerhouse but is great on the lead and loves to get out and about on her daily walks which unfortunately for Maisey is something she has never experienced in her past life. 

She needs a home where she is the only animal as she is not cat friendly and takes a dim view of dog company as well. She also needs a strong firm owner who can continue her training.

She has a really sweet nature but due to her past she does get over excited, but she has improved considerably and will continue to do so.

Maisie's life has only really started which is sad for her but hopefully there will be the right person out there that can give her the attention and love she craves and in return she will most definitely keep you amused.

Please give me a call if you are that person.


5 mth old male

German Shorthaired Pointer

Flint is on the lookout for a new home.

He is currently with his owner but due to unforeseen circumstances he needs to move on to a new forever home.

He’s used to being an inside dog so that’s important to Flint.

He is great with children. He has very good manners and is super bright.

Ideally Flint would like to be pampered but also do what he instinctively knows what to do, and that is hunt so ideally looking for a nice balance of both.

Please give me a call if you think you have what Flint needs to be the happiest dog ever.


2 yr old male

Mastiff Boxer Cross

Bear is the combination of my 2 most favourite breeds.

He is a stunning looking dog and has all the play and fun of a boxer and the cuddly loving nature of a mastiff. 

He's an absolute giant but has great manners and just loves to play. He is great with other dogs but still uncertain about the kitties.

He needs a strong confident owner who can handle his size and energy.

Come and check this stunning big boy out and give him a bear hug.


10 mth old male

Staffi Cross

This handsome boy is an absolute trick. 

He's full of energy and just loves to play ball, tug of war and generally isn’t happy unless he's carting something around in his mouth. He's got some very comical ways of keeping the treasure he has in his mouth when he's playing with other dogs.

This wee man will certainly keep you grinning. He has good command and is generally pretty keen to be in the good books, but is also very good at pretending to be innocent when he's clearly not!!!

Anyone familiar with the breed will absolutely adore him and his antics.

Give me a call if you think you need some Kaos in your life.


5 mth old female

Spaniel Cross

Moana like her siblings is very well socialised and comes house trained and ready to be your best friend.

They are great with children of all ages and other dogs cats etc.

Please call with any queries or if you'd like to meet Moana.


2 yr old female


Izzy is a gorgeous girl who is looking for a family who will spoil her and give her all the attention she deserves.

She has a great nature and is very well mannered and behaved.

She loves human company and is very good with other dogs. Cats are all new to her but it seems to be more intrigue than malice.

She is very much a typical rotti and just wants someone to call her own. She would be a very loyal loving girl.

Give me a call if you think you can provide Izzy with the perfect loving home.


5 mth old female

Spaniel Cross

Halo like her siblings is very well socialised and comes house trained and ready to be your best friend.

They are great with children of all ages and other dogs cats etc.

Please call with any queries or if you'd like to meet Halo.


4 yr old male

Labrador Cross

Billy would have to be one of the nicest dogs I have had the pleasure to meet, and help find his new forever family.

Unfortunately Billy's previous owner passed away so poor Billy's life has been tipped upside down.

He is coping really well with the life change and is now ready to be accepted into a new loving environment.

He's an absolute gentleman whom I just can’t fault. He's great on and off lead, and great with other dogs and also good with cats, and shows no interest in livestock.

He's really missing being in a home environment but at the same time is loving his routine walks and structure.

Please give me a call and come and meet Billy if you think you can be his new forever companion.


14 wk old male

German Shorthaired Pointer

Toby like the rest is a lovely pup.

He's ready to go to his forever home now.


8 yr old male


Hi everyone!

Due to circumstances beyond my control I’m currently looking for a new home to reside in.

I shall tell you a little bit about myself as I have a few conditions as to what my new people should be like.

I would want to be the only dog as I require all the attention thank you!

I don’t mind other dogs but it just has to be all about me.

I can handle living with a resident cat because their bikkies taste great but don’t forget it has to be all about me!

I’m not really fond of children as they teased me when I was younger and I can’t be bothered with the admin.

I like adults but my preference is the female variety as I am a bit of a ladies man.

Quiet frankly I’m in my prime now that I’ve lost a couple of kilos and have been on a fitness regime and let me tell ya, I thought I was in hell when this life change began but I get it now.

So I would like to keep my new me and would require nice long walks and a healthy diet.

Anywho, give my agent a call and between us we will sort out what and who gets to have me in their life.


14 wk old male

German Shorthaired Pointer

Ace is ready and waiting for his forever home.


4 mth old female

Boxer Collie Cross

Patsie, just like her sister Jackie, is now ready to branch out on her new adventure.

Patsie tends to throw more towards the Boxer personality.

She is quick to learn new tasks and would love to have a family's undivided attention.


8 mth old female

American Bulldog

Honey is exactly that❤️

She is such a sweetheart and just loves cuddles. 

She’s a big girl with much more growing to do and is exceptionally strong but manages to contain herself and be gentle. 

She would ideally be best as an only dog but would be ok with another male dog as a companion, but it would need to be equally as robust as Honey.

She has great command and is fabulous on and off lead.

She is very quick to learn new commands and generally just wants to please and be in your company .

If you would like a sweet girl like Honey to be your bestie then give me a call.


6 yr old male

Visla Collie Cross

Meet Tikka the stick dog.

This guy will play with sticks, balls or anything that looks retrievable for as many hours as you have in the day.

He is an absolute honey. So well mannered and behaved.

He is a dream off lead and great with other dogs and livestock.

He ideally would suit a family so you can have a roster  system for stick and ball throwing.

So please come and throw a ball for Tikka and I’m pretty sure he will win your heart.


1 yr old male

Retriever Cross

Denis has gone straight to the top of the class with his brilliant effort to be the best boy he can be.

When he arrived 3 weeks ago he was an uncontrollable nightmare.

Within the first week he learnt his name, how to sit on command, and to walk on lead beautifully.

He really is the star of the show and although he still has the odd little senseless moment, which are becoming few and far between, he will make someone who is prepared to continue with his training the most loyal companion.

He has the most loving personality and just desperately wants someone to call his own.

He is also quiet the comedian and it's very difficult not to have a grin from ear to ear when you're in his company.

I would love nothing more if this gorgeous boy could find his very own special family and continue to be the best boy he can be.

Give me a call if Denis is what you need in your life.


12 yr old female

Staffy Cross

Karley desperately needs her faith in the human race restored, as do I. Sadly her lifetime owners chose not to pay her pound fee. Clearly the 12 yrs of loyalty she showed them just wasn’t worth it.

She is such a sweetheart. Loves everybody and everything. 

She plays like a puppy and gallops around the hills and has much love and entertainment to give a kind hearted human who would love some company and be happy to see Karley enjoy her twilight years in the comfort of a home like she has been used to.

She comes with lumps and bumps but she has loads of spirit.

My Xmas wish is that Karley will spend the festive season with a family sharing the joy and fun of holiday activities. 

Can someone out there make that happen?

No old dog should ever be in a facility looking for a new forever home when they thought they already had one.


15 mth old female

Whippet Cross

Louis is a delightful young lass. She is the absolute perfect family dog as she just adores children and being totally involved in activities. She is incredibly well mannered and has outstanding command. She is a very active dog but is brilliant off lead so can have a good old boost around.

She is fantastic with other dogs and would be ok in a home with a resident cat as long as the cat was boss.

Please give me a call if you think Louis would suit your family.

She is the sweetest thing.


1 yr old female

Whippet Collie Cross

Introducing Panda.

She is a delightful, happy little miss who just loves attention. She is full of beans and needs to be in a very active environment with plenty of stimulation.

She is very quick to learn rules and commands and even quicker if there is a treat involved.

She gets on well with other dogs but the jury is out as far as cats and other moving objects go, but having said that I feel it's more intrigue than prey drive.

She has a lovely nature and potential.

Please call if you think Panda is what you need to complete your family.


Mack is on the lookout for a new forever home unfortunately.

He would like a home without small children and most likely would prefer no cats either.

He has loads of energy and loves his walks and playing fetch.

He’s a very personable little guy and super cuddly.

He is well trained and also house trained.

Give me a call if Mack looks like the dog for you to arrange viewing. 


6 mth old female

American Bulldog Cross

Lola is a very chilled and laid back young lass most of the time but every now and then she hits the go button.

She very much likes her comforts and would love to be in someones home now it's getting colder. She will need to be the only dog in the home as she gets a bit bossy and doesn’t really like to share the love.

She is great with children and is coming to grips with cats being on the planet. She has good command and loves casual walks as long as she has the lead and thinks she's in charge.

Her ideal world would involve a comfy couch and endless belly rubs and cuddles.

If you can provide Lola with the ideal world then please call.


1.5 yr old Male

Beardie Collie Cross

Denzel is a delightful boy. He has lovely manners and a real playful side to him.

He is fantastic off lead and would be a great addition to a family who enjoys outdoor activities.

He is brilliant with other dogs and is ok with cats having had a good smack on the nose from our resident puss, he's decided they need a wide berth.

Unfortunately he's not great around livestock.

He’s got a very loveable nature and is super bright so learning new skills won’t be difficult for him.

Please call Shirlene on 0274361028 if you have the perfect environment for Denzel.


Collie Cross

10 month old female

Isla is a delightful young lass with energy to burn. She has fantastic recall so no worries letting her stretch her legs as she will be back to see you with one call.

She is great with children and very friendly with other dogs. She's not going to be a big dog so would be ideal for an energetic family who loves the great outdoors as Isla would love to come along.

If you think Isla might be the right fit for your family give me a call.


4 mth old female

Boxer Collie Cross

Jack is a very smart little lass and throws more to the Collie.

She is very quick to learn and loves her one on one time.

She would be a great family addition.


2 yr old male

Ridgeback Cross

George is a very soft sensitive dog who has been subjected to extreme bullying his entire life.

He has come out the other side remarkably well and is ready to take on the next stage of life’s journey.

He has never been made feel special so needs to be with a family that can provide security and at the same time continue his training which he is grasping very well now that he understands clear commands.

He enjoys other dog company but is not good with cats and livestock.

He is extremely gentle and polite and deserves to have a fabulous life where he is loved and treated as a member of the family.

Please call if you think you could make Georges life complete.


3 yr old male

Springer Spaniel

Simba is a delightful young man with loads of affection and love to give. He just aims to please and be by your side 24/7.

He has grown up on a lifestyle block so needs plenty of space and is great with livestock and other dogs.

He has also come from a family so is child friendly.

Simba requires plenty of exercise so we are looking for a family that can live up to his expectations.

He is crate trained and has impeccable manners.

If you think this handsome young chap might be the perfect match for your family then please do give me a call to discuss.


2 yr old female

Lab Cross

Mieley has loads of potential to become a fabulous family dog. She can be a little nervous of the unknown but the more confidence she is gaining the more her true personality is shinning through. She is a real sweetheart but just needs someone she can call her own and feel safe and loved with.

She would be great with older children but little ones may be a bit nerve racking for her at first.

She absolutely adores water and loves to gallop thru it like a mad dog.

If you feel that Mieley could make the perfect addition to your family please give me a call to discuss.


10 yr old female

Kelpie Cross

Jess is a lovely wee girl who still has loads of energy and loves to have a bit of fun.

She has good manners and is great on the lead. She requires a home without cats but would enjoy dog company as she is a bit of a social butterfly.

She is in very good health and would love to spend the rest of her life as part of a family.

Please give me a call if Jess could be your new companion.


3 yr old female

Bull Mastiff

Marlo is quite a character. She  is full of excitement and always keen to get out and have a good old blast around. She has very good command and loves all the attention she can get. She loves to behave like a puppy with her toys and also loves to have a good old yarn which is very typical of the breed.

She will always let you know if you have visitors but is full of smiles and tail wags once the job is done.

Marlo is good with children but she is quite a solid dog so perhaps older children would be more suitable.

If you think Marlo may be the perfect companion for your family please give me a call for more info.


1 yr old female

Labrador Collie Cross

Maisey is the most delightful dog. She is full of fun and would make the most amazing family dog.

She is super affectionate and very well behaved. She just loves being with people and having lots of fun. She's great with other dogs and although she hasn’t spent time with cats I’m 99% sure she would learn to give them a wide berth.

She's great off lead and is house trained.

Maisey is desperate to be someones loyal canine companion.

Please call if you would like to meet her - she would love a cuddle.


9 yr old female

German Shorthaired Pointer

BB is an absolute treasure. She has had a less than ideal life until now and she is just loving her new lifestyle.

She has great command and recall and is good with other dogs and cats.

She deserves a fabulous home that will spoil her and make up for the 9 yrs of love and cuddles she missed out on.

She still has loads of energy so an active family would be great as she just loves to run freely sticking her head in each bush to see if theres anything there.

She greets me every morning with an excited yodel and then a massive hug followed by another yodel and then it's off to go potty.

She's very comical.

If you think you could make BB’s life complete then please contact me.

She would love to meet you.


4 yr old male

Huntaway Collie Cross

Tazz needs to find a new home due to family commitments beyond his control.

He would enjoy an energetic family with time to give him the exercise and stimulation he requires.

He has a lovely personality and enjoys being involved with family activities. He is great with other dogs and cats but might be better suited to a family with older children due to his excitement levels.

If you feel you have the space and time that Tazz requires then please do give me a call.

He's a gorgeous boy.


1 yr old female


Izzy is truly delightful. She’s so playful and has excellent command. 

She would love a home that gives her plenty of attention and has rules in place as she can be quite precious about it all being about her. She is not over energetic but loves routine and one good walk a day is what she’s happy with.

She gets on ok with other dogs at this stage and more socialising would be great for her. She’s fairly new to most things so likes to keep you in her sights at all times cause she’s a typical scaredy pants Rotti!!

If you think you have  the perfect home for Izzy and you can take her on the next step in her life then do please ring and find out more info. I personally think she is going to be an absolute dream dog.


2 yr old male

Huntaway Collie Cross

 Buddy is the most chilled huntaway I have had the pleasure of meeting.

He's so well behaved and calm.

He would be an amazing family dog and would settle into almost any environment and be happy.

He has excellent command on and off lead and just loves cuddles.

He’s great with other dogs and no problem with kitties.

I can highly recommend Buddy, he’s an absolute gem. Give me a call and come see for yourself.

Lady Jane



Approximate age

3 to 5 yrs

Lady Jane is a very sweet little thing.

She just loves cuddles and doing little excitement dances.

She is house trained and very obedient.

She will stand her ground if another dog is bugging her but generally she just gets on with what she’s doing.

She truely deserves a loving stable environment as this has been lacking in her past.

Please call if you think you could give Lady Jane a loving home.


14 mth old male

Rotti Cross

Pretzel is a real bundle of energy and needs to be in a high energy home. He is slowly but surely learning right from wrong but it is a work in progress.

He has a very playful nature and would love nothing more than to be the centre of attention 24/7 but is learning that that’s not always possible. He would be better suited to a family with older children and could benefit from having a more mature female dog companion.

He’s not used to country life so livestock is all new to him and cats also.

Give me a call if you think you can take Pretzel to the next level.


Cairn Terrier

10 year old male

Neo is an absolute gentleman. He's housetrained, very obedient and super sweet. 

He would love nothing more than to take up residence with a new family that will love him to bits and take him out on adventures chasing bunnies and discovering new smells as he may be 10 but in his heart and mind he's still a young buck.

And the best thing is he doesn’t take up too much room in the bed or the couch.

Call for more info on Neo if you think you could make this wee guys day.


2 yr old male

Mastiff/American Staffi Cross

Lyric Lyric Lyric.

Well the best way I can describe this kid is Party Boy.

He’s an absolute treasure and just is all about fun fun fun.

He has brilliant command and is very polite but if amped up can go from 0 to 100 pretty quickly.

That said he is an absolute push over and just a whole pile of joy to be around if you know the breed.

He’s good with other dogs preferably female but if theres play involved he’s all about it.

Unfortunately not good with cats or other livestock so this boys world needs to be just humans

Give me a call if this little powerhouse would work for you.

You would most definitely need to have room on the couch and more than likely the bed!!

Jazz & Bruce

16 mth old female and male

Huntaway Collie Cross

These 2 are a delightful pair of doggies. They have an amazing bond so must be homed together. Bruce is a real gubba and Jazz is the brains of the operation.

Funny that!!!

They are both very chilled and happy with whatever comes their way and both have very good command. There main aim is to please and try their best not to put a foot wrong. They would be best suited to an active environment with teenage children. No other pets would be best.

Please call for more info if you think they might suit your lifestyle.


15 mth old male

German Shorthaired Pointer

Blaze is a stunning looking big boy and has a very affectionate nature. He is very typical of his breed and needs a firm but fair owner. He has loads of energy and needs someone who can handle his over excitement from time to time but he is very willing to please so constant routine works well for this big dude.

He needs a home with no cats, but he is ok with other dogs.

He has been trained to bunny hunt but I think in the right hands he could be retrained as a bird dog. He is very responsive to training.

Please call for more info.


Collie Cross

5 month old male

Lucas arrived a few weeks ago without a single clue on how to behave or what was ok and what WAS NOT.

In the short time he's been here with us he has learnt new manners and lost his out of control mindset.

He's an absolute darling and is so ready now to move on to new surroundings and take his education further.

Don’t get me wrong theres still consistent training to do but he's so ready for it now and wants to know more.

He's going to be a tall boy and high energy so if you think he would suit your lifestyle then give me a call and we can have a chat about how much of a difference you could make for my boy Lucas


5 mth old male

Mastiff Cross

Isn’t that just the cuttest little face you ever did see!!!

I’m taking an educated guess at his breed as he has me a little bit lost. He is very short and stocky but has mastiff fun about him.

He's a very sweet wee guy but came into the facility completely clueless as far as training goes. He's now slowly but surely getting the gist, but given the fact he's still very young and he loves human company in a one-on-one situation he would sky rocket to the top of the class.

He would be a fabulous pup for a family who has time to put into his training.

It's very hard to deny those big brown eyes, so if Winston has stolen a little piece of your heart give me a call and come meet him in the flesh.


8 mth old female

Lab Cross

Ruby is a wee darling and desperately wants her very own special people.

She has great command and is very quick to learn new rules. She loves being around other dogs and would play solidly all day if she could.

She is full of beans and needs to be in a home quickly where she can learn to be the perfect girl.

She really craves to have every ounce of attention so if you think Ruby sounds like your perfect family puppy then do please give me a call

Ruby would be so excited to meet you.


3 yr old female


Shadow is a lovely dog that would benefit from being in a one dog family.

She does get along with other dogs ok, but she is quite dominant.

She has quite a sweet way about her and my feeling is she has been one of many in her previous life so when she gets one on one plays and cuddles she really soaks it up but at the same time is almost surprised. Her personality is growing daily and I feel she can only get better.

She is very obedient and follows clear commands very well.

She is not however wired correctly to be in a home that has resident kittys.

Shadow would appreciate a home where she can get to experience being special so if you would like to meet her and your home fits the criteria please give me a call.


Neapolitan Mastiff

18mths old Male


Staffi Cross

2yr old Female

Meet my 2 very best friends Tyson and Ivy

They are a very unusual couple but their friendship has been formed thru hard times and a long journey to happiness and stability.

They have a beautiful bond and care for each other deeply.

They both have amazing personalities and they are both equally affectionate and loving dogs.

They are very very close to my heart and only the perfect home for the pair of them will be accepted.

They are both amazing with children but to be certain their future forever home is acceptable they must be the only pets in the household.

Obviously they will be homed together as a pair.

If you think that your home may be suitable feel free to call me for further discussions.